Got Dirty Carpets

Are your carpets looking dull and dirty? You need our Carpet Cleaning service. We'll clean your carpets and make them look like new.

Carpets Need a Freshen Up?

Whether you are a business or a householder carpets can be a breeding ground for germs, which is why it is important to have your carpets cleaned regularly. Our carpet cleaning service will remove dirt, kill germs and leave your carpets feeling fresh.

By cleaning your carpets it helps to improve the life expectancy of your carpet, giving you real value for money and saving you the cost of having to buy new carpets.
What does our service involve?

  • Pre-cleaning inspection and testing
  • Dry vacuuming
  • Professional stain treatment
  • Pre-spray for deep cleaning
  • Brushing to work pre-spray into carpet fibres
  • Hot water extraction to remove dirt
  • Pile realignment

Affordable carpet cleaning

By using the best equipment and chemicals in the industry we’re able to offer cost-effective cleaning of your carpets. This, together with our professional service, is why you’ll be calling upon our carpet cleaners time and time again.